Educational Work - On Beauty & Nature

Beauty & Nature

Observation, listening and in the nurturing of the senses there is much to be learnt. In watching a tree, a flower, a river, a patch of grass it is possible to learn about consistency and change, about living and dying, and about caring and moving out of oneself.
This understanding of the importance of nature and beauty is integral to work at school.
Nature walks within the campus and outside on day trips and longer study trips.
Gardening and taking care of the land.
Value of silence and solitude.
Watching insects closely as part of the study of Science.
Adopting a tree on campus and watching it through the year and documenting the changes.
Art and music and an appreciation of beauty.
Being sensitive to all things living and inanimate and to each other.
“I don’t know if any of you have noticed, early in the morning, the sunlight on the waters. How extraordinarily soft is the light, and how the dark waters dance, with the morning star over the trees, the only star in the sky. Do you ever notice any of that? Or are you so busy, so occupied with the daily routine, that you forget or have never known the rich beauty of this earth – this earth on which all of us have to live?”

- J Krishnamurti, This Matter of Culture