The School KFI

The School KFI strives to create and sustain an atmosphere of learning so that children, in the words of J Krishnamurti, may “flower in goodness”.

Knowledge, intellectual capacity and technological prowess alone have never been sufficient to meet life’s challenges. To live, one must remember, is to be related. And to be a complete human being we must continually learn and grow in mindful relatedness – to people, things, ideas, nature and, above all, to one’s inner self. The School KFI offers the space for the exploration of such an education.

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Our Educational Work

This is the function of all education. We need to bring about a good society in which all human beings can live happily in peace, without violence, with security. As a student you are responsible for this...You will make the world, either as it is, modified, or as a world in which you and others can live without wars, without brutalities, with generosity and affection.

J Krishnamurti, Letters to the School

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Relocating to Thazhambur

The School KFI is relocating to Thazhambur (two kilometres from Navalur junction on Old Mahabalipuram Road) in 2018.

Our Appeal

We appeal to all well wishers to participate generously in our efforts towards the continuation of this significant educational work. We have raised sufficient funds for purchase of land.

We need funds for construction of classrooms, laboratories, library, assembly hall, dining hall and other facilities, and development of the new campus with green technologies such as solar panels and grey water treatment.

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Moving to Thazhambur


Run 2017-18


A School Must Flower


Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools

The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools is an anthology of writings by educators, teachers and thinkers exploring a new vision of education in its many dimensions—philosophy, psychology, classroom experience, curriculum, nature and environment, and contemporary issues.

Books of J Krishnamurti

Books and videos of J Krishnamurti's teachings are available on the website of Krishnamurti Foundation India.

For Prospective Teachers

The teaching staff is committed to exploring education in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings. The faculty is a well knit, well qualified, serious, purposeful group of people from diverse backgrounds.

The School invites educators open to learning.