Teachers Write

The following are articles by teachers of the school.

Title of Article Authors Year
To Stretch Oneself… Akhila Seshadri 2016
Witnessing Conflict Ashwin Prabhu 2016
Examining Conflict, Outer and Inner Sushil Shintre and Chaitrali Ranade 2016
The Unpursued Excellence Arvind Ranganathan 2016
Mind of the Middle-Schooler N. Vaishnavi 2015
Learning the Craft of Teaching Arvind Ranganathan 2015
Charms and Challenges of an Ancient Language: Teaching Sanskrit in Middle School Rajani Arjun Shankar 2014
Process Behind a Pageant: An Interview with Akhila Seshadri Arvind Ranganathan 2014
Theme Meetings: A Conversation Space for Educators and Parents Akhila Seshadri 2013
Prashanti's Dilemma: Wisdom and Struggle in Students' Voices G. Gautama 2013
A Mathematical Enquiry Padmavathy 2010
Joy of Geography V. Arun 2009
Summer of Hope? Jayashree Nambiar 2009
At the mercy of a brutal system G. Gautama 2009
Reaching out to Government Schools in Tamil Nadu Sumitra M. Gautama, Suchitra Ramakumar 2009
Chakravyuha G. Gautama 2008
A mixed bag Padmavathy 2008
A Structural Answer to a Cultural Question: Mixed Age Group in the Middle School  Akhila Seshadri and S. Padmavathy 2008
An Approach to Environmental Education: Lessons from Krishnamurti V. Arun 2008
Welcome to an unfolding journey G. Gautama 2008
School Administration For Humanness and Vitality G. Gautama 2006
Health Education Dr. Suchitra Ramkumar 2006
Youth in Transition G. Gautama 2004
A New Way of Thinking for Children: New Approaches to the Curriculum Akhila Seshadri 2004
Reporting on the Kindergarten Child Bina Shivram 2004
The Student as Historian: The Possibilities of a Study Visit to a Historical Site Jayashree Nambiar 2003
Making School Trips Meaningful Sumitra M. Gautama and V. Arun 2003
At School with Design Dr. Aarti Kawlra, Deepa Kamath, Kalpana Shah Korwar 2003
Erik Erikson's Theory of Development: A Teacher's Observations Suchitra Ramkumar 2002
Learning in Relationship Tarit Bhattacharjee 2002
Haiku: Art of Perception K. Ramesh 2002
Creating an Atmosphere in School: For ‘teachers-who-are-learners’ G. Gautama 2002
Review of "The Courage to Teach", Parker J. Palmer Arvind Ranganathan 2002

A learning worker

G. Gautama 2001

On to brave new frontiers

G. Gautama 2001

To create interactive avenues across hierarchical systems

G. Gautama 2001
The Kindergarten Teacher Suchitra Ramkumar 2001
The Ground beneath our Feet G. Gautama 2001
‘A Meandering, Dancing, River of Learning’: Excerpts from a Teacher’s Diary Anurag Jain 2001
Stepping into Kindergarten Revathi Sreenivas 2001
Challenges of an Urban K School Sumitra M. Gautama 2001
Life so obscene G. Gautama 2000
Watching Television Divya 2000
Sustaining a vibrant environment G. Gautama 2000
Cup of Comfort Neeraja Raghavan 2000
For the class of 2000 ... G. Gautama 2000
Baptism of a Boy Miss! Arvind Ranganathan 2000
Encouraging the freedom to question G. Gautama 2000
Learning in Mixed Age Groups: How We Made the Transition Divya Kumar 2000
To take a stance or not G. Gautama 2000
Creating the Attention Classroom Ananthapadmanabhan 1999
Learning to be a Teacher: Impressions of the Teachers' Conference - 1998 Divya 1999
Science and Insight Ananthapadmanabhan 1999
Challenges of an Urban Day School G. Gautama 1999
Reflections of an Artist on Education - An Interview of Tarit Bhattacharjee Geetha Varma 1999
Comparison and Education G. Gautama 1998
Understanding Taxonomy Prema Veeraraghavan 1998
Tamarind Seeds and Little Children Kamala Anil Kumar 1998
Fostering Mathematical Intelligence Padmavathy and Ananthapadmanabhan 1997
A Tree Through the Year Prema Veeraraghavan 1997
Essential levels of learning for the Primary Classes Teachers' Working Group 1995
History Teaching & Textbooks - a book review of Prejudice and Pride by Krishna Kumar
Akhila Seshadri  

Sex Education - An interview of Dr. Suchitra Ramkumar for the Outlook Magazine

Dr. Suchitra Ramkumar