Prospective Teachers

The teaching staff is committed to exploring education in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings. The faculty is a well knit, well qualified, serious, purposeful group of people from diverse backgrounds.

Among the staff, there are regular dialogues on educational issues, classroom processes, social and global concerns. These discussions in the ambience of a Krishnamurti school, provide the necessary dynamism for innovative change and movement.

“The right kind of education begins with the educator, who must understand himself and be free from established patterns of thought; for what he is, that he imparts. If he has not been rightly educated, what can he teach except the same mechanical knowledge on which he himself has been brought up? The problem, therefore, is not the child, but the parent and the teacher; the problem is to educate the educator.”

- J Krishnamurti

The School invites educators open to learning

You may apply for full time or part time positions if you are:

  • competent in subjects like English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Tamil, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics and Commerce upto class 10 or 12 level.
  • happy being with young people in the classroom, in the garden, at crafts, games and on educational trips.
  • open to questioning & examining accepted patterns
  • able to function collaboratively and responsibly.

The school offers a special opportunity to adults:

  • an atmosphere for deep learning
  • to be a teacher and a learner
  • to watch and listen to children
  • to create an atmosphere for 'awakening of intelligence'
  • to work with colleagues in a non hierarchical setting
  • to be part of shaping an unfolding of the school's future

To understand the school better we suggest you spend some time looking at the information on this website. It will give you a good sense of the school's ethos and functioning.