Support the Move - Art Fundraiser

The School KFI will be moving from its current location at Damodar Gardens of the Theosophical Society, Adyar to a new campus in Thazhambur in 2018. Funds are required for construction of classrooms, the library, laboratories and other physical infrastructure. “A School Must Flower” is an initiative by Ashvita Retail, run by Ashvin Rajagopal - alumnus of the school - to help raise funds for this cause. 

A School Must Flower

A School Must Flower” is an online art gallery hosted on ArtZolo by Ashvita Retail. All of the artworks in this gallery have been created by parents, teachers and alumni of the school who have been and continue to be, touched deeply by the school’s work. 

Please support this fundraiser organized by Ashvita by purchasing prints of these works of art. You can order prints online either for yourself or have them delivered as a gift to a mailing address of your choice. The entire proceeds from the sale of prints of the artworks in this gallery will be donated by Ashvita to The School KFI towards relocation.